Monthly Archives: June 2013

The sun also rises

With lovely music flowing through my ears and the fresh taste of vanilla and chocolate ice-cream blending together perfectly in my mouth I gaze out over a green field of grass. Children play, young adults kick about a ball dreaming to be the next Zlatan Ibrahimović, and others just grasp the pure moment of relaxation in the sun. I realize how much happier I am during these summer months. Behind these sunglasses I close my eyes and think to myself; life ain’t that bad after all. Everything will work out well.
The sun also rises
As I open my eyes after a solid second of joy a chilly wind flows through my hair. It makes me contemplate. I look up to the sky. In the far horizon clouds are gathering. I think the same thoughts I always do this time a year. And I hate myself for it. September is less than three months away. Winter’s always coming around the corner. Then I shake my head. I won’t be having this negative approach. At least not today. I take a second bite of the ice cream. It tastes great. It’s a Saturday and I’m going out with friends. Life can’t be better. These are the days that never end. Enjoy them.

Vasaparken, Stockholm, Sweden. June 8, 2013.