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All things must pass

George Harrison once said, and I quote, “It doesn’t take long from being 17 to 57. Forty years just goes like that. You know? Now I understand about 90 year old people who feel like teenagers. You know? ‘Cause nothing changes. It’s just the body that changes. The soul in the body is there at birth and is there at death. And the only thing that’s George Harrisonchanged is the bodily condition. So, you know? All this stuff, about where, you know, age-groups fit or don’t fit, or where the music belonging to age-groups fit or doesn’t fit is stupid. All it does is limit the potential of the marketplace or the audience.

I find this quote great from three different angles. First of all George sums up the extreme pace of time, and the fact that it flies. I can feel that it is extremely worrying that my own take on this is that each new year passes by faster than the one before. But at the same time I find a strong connection with him in the sense that I feel the same in the sense that I am the same person now as I was five, ten, or even fifteen years ago. Of course I’ve changed in bits here and there but I still carry the same dreams, hopes, and beliefs. Thirdly George attacks the people that appoint certain aspects of music to different age groups, may it be genres, bands, artists, or whatever. I can also interlink with this mindset and at times here in Stockholm when we have had Justin Bieber and Bruce Springsteen sell out three shows each within two weeks the topic is more than relevant. Of course each person that listens to music, and let’s be honest, any human being with a soul should have an interest in music, goes through phases. But I do not think it has anything to do with age, I think it has more to do with more important things that just a number.

Here are four songs that I always turn back to and listen to when I need a little bump on the shoulder, a boost up from the sofa, or just a quick fix in what we call life.
They are not my favorite songs, no, but listening to them will always make me feel good, even great.

Dire Straits – Walk Of Life
Just the synthesizer intro gives me the goose bumps. So simple, yet so great. And this version with Eric Clapton on the side. It’s from 1988 and the birthday party of Nelson Mandela. Speaking of a different kind of walk of life.

Patti Smith – People Have The Power Patti Smith
Any song which will highlight the small over the big, the people over the corps, or David over Goliath, always gives me hope of that anything can be reachable. During this epic anthem Patti Smith truly does so when proclaiming:
People have the power, the power to dream, to rule, to wrestle the Earth from fools but it’s decreed the people rule, but it’s decreed the people rule. Listen, I believe everything we dream can come to pass through our union, We can turn the world around, we can turn the Earth’s revolution

Oasis – Whatever
This song was never released on an actual album, however I reckon it’s one of their best ones. When those first chords ring out from the guitar a feeling of freedom washes over me in an awesome wave. When I listen to this song anything is possible. Every single dream I’ve ever had and aspired for can still happen. And it’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.

George Harrison – What is Life
Most people would probably state Here comes the Sun as their favorite uplifting song penned by the late George Harrison. I don’t agree. His album All Things Must Pass released in 1970 holds an absolute gem in the truly great What is Life.

Happy 4th!

When I knew that I was going to move abroad after my final year of high-school I put duct tape over the lower bottom of my television screen in my one-bedroom apartment in Norrköping, Sweden. I did this to prevent myself from reading the subtitles. Needles to say the amount of people that wanted to attend weekly movie nights at my place drastically dropped. It didn’t really matter that much though. In my mind I was already somewhere else. Seeing new places, meeting new faces. I was moving to America.

When I arrived in the late summer of 2004 I fell in love right away. The conservative and religious Columbia, South Carolina was in many ways the complete opposite of the liberal and agnostic northern country I had spent my first 18 years of life in. I don’t know if I was in need of a change in milieu because I’m neither conservative nor believe in any God. But hospitality are the southerners great forte and I felt right at home.

I didn’t end up in South Carolina, but I stayed in America for almost five years. When I moved back to Sweden in 2009 I didn’t know then – but I think I do now – I had just experienced the best years of my life.

I will not reminisce about it – not further more anyway. But on a day like this, on a day like the 4th of July I really wish I was there again. In a place where everything is bigger. In a place where people bell out the national anthem like it’s the final song they’ll ever sing. In a place where you walk inside with your shoes on. In a place where the first thing you are asked when you enter someone’s home is: “can I get you something to drink?”. In a place where people tailgate. In a place where people always pick either or. In a place where everyone believe they are going places. In a place where refills are always for free.

In 2012 I was able to spend the 4th of July in Newport Beach, CA, with some of my best friends. Our host Mike wanted to start the day accordingly. We had a pretty good time.

Today I have unfortunately not been able to really grasp the 4th of July atmosphere being inside an office in Stockholm for most of the day. But you can experience a great 4th of July even here in Sweden. I remember in 2008 when Bruce Springsteen came for a visit.

When talking about America it’s obviously a fair thing to say that there are always two sides to every coin.America Fuck Yeah However I will only look at one. At least today. I am also certain I would’ve posted something like this on Midsummer about my great love of Sweden if I still lived in the States. That’s how I am. The grass is greener…

The sun also rises

With lovely music flowing through my ears and the fresh taste of vanilla and chocolate ice-cream blending together perfectly in my mouth I gaze out over a green field of grass. Children play, young adults kick about a ball dreaming to be the next Zlatan Ibrahimović, and others just grasp the pure moment of relaxation in the sun. I realize how much happier I am during these summer months. Behind these sunglasses I close my eyes and think to myself; life ain’t that bad after all. Everything will work out well.
The sun also rises
As I open my eyes after a solid second of joy a chilly wind flows through my hair. It makes me contemplate. I look up to the sky. In the far horizon clouds are gathering. I think the same thoughts I always do this time a year. And I hate myself for it. September is less than three months away. Winter’s always coming around the corner. Then I shake my head. I won’t be having this negative approach. At least not today. I take a second bite of the ice cream. It tastes great. It’s a Saturday and I’m going out with friends. Life can’t be better. These are the days that never end. Enjoy them.

Vasaparken, Stockholm, Sweden. June 8, 2013.