Monthly Archives: August 2014

Why to fight fire with fire

It is spreading like fire. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has, through the means of celebrities and social media, spread up north to the country of Sweden. As I was nominated by a mate of mine from the UK I stood at crossroads. Was I to continue this trend and pour a bucket of ice water over myself and create awareness for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or was I to let it be, donate a few  bucks and just wait for this viral phenomena die out. Because let’s be honest, it will.

After pondering about for some minutes I decided, why not. Let’s fight fire with fire. If it will make people unite across the globe and create awareness of something millions suffer from, then its a good thing, a good cause. And for myself, as I saw Liam Gallagher do it I really had no choice.

I’ve read claims that the idea behind the challenge is stupid, you poor water to not have to donate money. But let’s be honest for a second again, who does that. Only a few I hope. Most people get wet and then pull out their wallet. Like it should be. And if you are unable to donate due to financial reasons, at least you spread the thread further and it will involve more people, and more money will be brought in.

I’ve also read claims that only narcissists take part in the challenge. I highly doubt that as well. Narcissists are probably the ones that take part and then have to explain in text why they acted that way. And seriously though, if more people now know who Lou Gehrig is, then the world is a slightly more knowledgeable place to be at. So keep on pouring ice and fight fire with fire.