Newcastle United Entertainment

Cardiff City v Sunderland - Barclays Premier League

Vincent Tan

Elton John

Sir Elton John

World Wrestling Entertainment owner, heel, and multi-millionaire Vince McMahon is reportedly ready to make a substantial takeover bid of Premier League football club Newcastle United. This is of course very entertaining.

With current club owners such as Vincent Tan and previous ones like Elton John I think that Vince McMahon will play his part in entertaining the football fanatics around the world. All we need is love, laughter, and fights. Right!

Many say that these flamboyant owners are turning the football world into a circus. Well, I’ve always enjoyed watching some clowns as long as I can continue to watch some real superstars as well. And as long as the quality of the game don’t take a turn for the worse I think we’ll be okay. For the Newcastle fans this shouldn’t be a problem since the quality of their game can actually not take another turn for the worse.

Personally I can’t wait to see Mr. McMahon power-walk his way into St. James’ Park.

And honestly I think McMahon will fit right in… He already looks like most of the Newcastle players during the last few games.

Vince McMahon

And to be honest, current Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley is a bit of a royal rumble as well.

I follow these recent rumors with much joy. Perhaps since I don’t support Newcastle and can look at the controversy with unbiased eyes. But maybe I should feel some concern. As a Chelsea fan I know that our Manager has a special eye for the world of wrestling.

Maybe Roman Abramovich will get tired of winning trophies one day and the Blues will see a new owner. Let’s hope it’s not Bob Backlund

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