The Sad Fairytale of New York

What’s the first thing you think of when I say Kirsty MacColl? Probably the song Fairytale of New York by The Pogues. Kirsty features on this always-voted-number-one-Christmas-song that each December makes it possible for Shane MacGowan to order in another round of yearly gin and tonics. The story you are about to read is not a fairy tale at all. Its a tale and verdict on how horribly cruel life can be at times. So cherish the moments we are here for.

Besides being blessed with a heavenly voice Kirsty was also one of the few people to get really close to Steven Patrick Morrissey. kirsty-morrisseyThe two friends cherished moments and memories together. When Morrissey moved to Los Angeles they remained in contact and for Christmas in the year of 2000 Kirsty wanted to go on a sunny holiday with her two children. She knew that Morrissey had spent a lot of time in Mexico and called her old friend to get some good insights. They spoke for great length about nothing at all and everything at all. Kirsty ended the conversation by asking Morrissey about Mexico. The front man of The Smiths gave his blessings of the country and told Kirsty about how much he loved it there and how he travels across the border every each week. It was decided. Kirsty was to spend her Christmas holiday with her children far away from Galway Bay and cars big as bars.

Mexico lived up to Morrissey’s promise and the MacColl family spent their days by the water.

On December 19 Morrissey hear his phone ring while back in the United Kingdom where he is to celebrate Christmas. On the other side of the line he can hear a voice telling him that Kirsty is dead. She was killed when saving her two sons from being hit by a speeding powerboat while they were snorkeling.

Morrissey travels back to Los Angeles after New Years Eve. When he enters his home he can see a postcard on his hallway floor. He looks at it and it features an overview of the blue sea and a lovely beach. He flips the card and on the back of it he reads:
Steven, its wonderful here. 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Love x Kirsty 

Wikipedia entry on the death of Kirsty MacColl

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